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NOTAM ATC Academy, is a private company founded in 2014 by Borys A. Rodriguez in Miami, FL USA. NOTAM was created to meet the demand for ATC simulator training in Miami FL, NOTAM has expanded to provide many cervices, among which are, ATC Tower and Radar Simulator installation, ATC Tower and Radar simulation training, aviation focused English courses, and air space simulation building, the process by which we maps an airports dedicated air space to then convert it to a real time simulation map for personnel to train in their countries air space.


NOTAM is a trusted name in ATC training, our team of instructors and our own founder all have more than 20 years of experience working in the field with many countries around the world. Our state of the art simulation facilities are located close to the Miami International Airport and are equipped for all kind of ATC Tower and Radar simulation training. At present we work with multiple partners to raise the excellence in the aviation field. Our future plans are to keep doing what we do best and expand to meet the growing demand for ATC training.


NOTAM works closely to try and meet all client needs, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to use the contact tab above to send us an email or give us a phone call. 

About Borys

Borys A. Rodriguez is the founder and Director of NOTAM Academy. Borys was born in Santiago De Cuba in Cuba, because of his exceptional academy test scores,         he was selected to study abroad in Russia. Borys became       an Aeronautical Engineer specialized in air traffic               control, he graduated from St. Petersburg's                     Civil Aviation Academy in Russia, and he then                returned to Cuba. 

                                                         At a young age, he began working as an air                                                                traffic controller for the international airport                                                            Antonio Maceo in Santiago, Cuba. After a time, he                                                            became an instructor due to his high performance and engineering degree. He later moved to Venezuela seeking to further his experience. Borys worked in Venezuela as an air traffic control instructor for the CIAC.



Now with many years of international experience, working as both an Air Traffic Controller and instructor he arrived in the United States and was hired by PANAM Flight Academy as an ATC instructor. Borys worked at PANAM Flight Academy for over 20 years.


At PANAM Borys performed as a worldwide Air Traffic Control Instructor, for many countries. In addition, Borys was in charge of the entire Net-work system of the air traffic control Radar and Tower simulators. His duties involve the development of worldwide airspaces and the ATC scenarios. Because of his ability to speak fluent Russian, Borys was also responsible of teaching the Russian students the common aviation words and terms, with emphasis in Emergencies contingencies and ATC phraseology. 

After retiring from PANAM Flight Academy, Borys founded NOTAM to fulfill a need for high quality ATC training here in Miami FL. Ever since, NOTAM has over performed in the field, in the mapping of International air space for simulator use, and in the construction and assembly of expert level ATC tower and radar simulators. NOTAM has been expanding and perfecting its craft, as of today, NOTAM worked with multiple countries providing ATC simulator training all from here in sunny Miami FL, USA. 



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